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Capsule – 18/12: Jupiter South Asia Investment & National WestMinster Bank buy The Byke Hospitality while Clairant Trading sells, Clearwater Capital Partners sells Diamond Power Infra, Ashish Kacholia re-buys MT Educare


Here is the “Capsule” of the data that is revealed in the markets. This has been collated and curated to make trade-able sense.

Bulk & Block Deals

Here is a summary of Bulk & Block Deal transactions in this week. A Bulk Deal is a trade, where total quantity bought or sold is more than 0.5% of the number of equity shares of the company. A trade, with a minimum quantity of 5,00,000 shares or minimum value of Rs.5 crore executed through a single transaction on this separate window of the stock exchange will constitute a Block Deal. (Bulk/Block Deals for 17-DecBulk/ Block Deals for 16-DecBulk/ Block Deals for 15-DecBulk/ Block Deals for 14-Dec)

The Byke Hospitality

Background: Fast emerging name in the hospitality sector with luxury resorts boutique hotels under its banner. The Byke group takes pride in serving exclusive multi cuisine vegetarian cuisine enriched with natural and authentic flavours. Currently the group has a bouquet of 8 luxurious properties.
Stock Statistics:Byke_Stock_Statistics
Bulk Deal: Clairant Trading which held 1,584,590 shares or 3.95% as of September, 2015 sold 485,000 shares or 1.21% at an average price of Rs. 152.81/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 741 lakhs.
With this deal, its shareholding has decreased to 1,099,590 shares or 2.74%.
Jupiter South Asia Investment purchased 302,500 shares or 0.75% at an average price of Rs. 151/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 457 lakhs.
Also National WestMinster Bank As Trustee of The Jupiter India Fund purchased 697,500 shares or 1.74% at an average price of Rs. 151/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 1053 lakhs.
Other Big Investors include:
News: All fall down! Byke Hospitality,Corporation Bank,14 other scrips hit 52-week low;  Volumes jump at Byke Hospitality counterByke Hospitality hits 52-week low after huge block deals

Diamond Power Infra

Background: India’s largest and only integrated manufacturer of power transmission equipment and turnkey services provider (EPC).
In-house manufacturing facilities for cables, conductors, transformers and transmission towers, Design and manufacturing of a wide range of power transmission equipment that includes Conductors, Power Cables-HV, LV & UHV and Transformers.
Stock Statistics: Diamond_power_Infra_Stock_Statistics
Bulk Deal: Clearwater Capital Partners which held 1,395,722 shares or 2.55% as of September, 2015 sold 300,000 shares or 0.55% at an average price of Rs. 42.68/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 128 lakhs.
With this sale, its stake is now reduced to 1,095,722 shares or 2%.
Other Big Investors include:
News: Diamond Power Infrastructure shines on receiving order from Power Grid Corporation of India; Diamond Power wins order from Power Grid Corporation

MT EducareCapital Mind Outlier stock

Background: MT Educare is a national player with a multi-state presence and a diverse product portfolio, standing a class apart thanks to its technology-enabled business processes, digital content delivery and 24 x 7 online support for the courses offered (i.e. Using the new Learning Management System (LMS), the company is now introducing its Flipped Classroom model in 2015).
This stock was also part of 17-Dec bulk deals!
Stock Statistics:MT_Educare_Stock_Statistics
Bulk Deal: Ashish Ramchandra Kacholia aka Big Whale who had initially held 609,645 shares or 1.53% way back in 2012 when the stock was trading at Rs. 99.46/- , has resurfaced again to buy 258,043  shares or 0.65% at an average price of Rs. 166.99/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 431 lakhs.
This stock was also held by another Big Whale Prof Shivanand Mankekar & Family during the early part of 2015.
Here is what Ashish Kacholia held as of September, 2015 (based on disclosure to the exchange):
Other Big Investors include:
News: MT Educare hits lifetime high on heavy volumesRise in volumes! MT Educare soars 13%;  MT Educare (MTEL) launches its Robomate+ App “FREE” for all students

Delivery Volume Shockers!

We have compiled a list of those stocks which have seen massive increases in the “deliverable quantity to traded quantity %”.
Stocks are traded every day and most stocks see intraday trading (buy and sell on the same day). Intraday trades don’t result in delivery – if two people buy and sell from each other and square off within the day, there will be volume, but no actual shares will change hands.
Delivery volumes as a percentage of total volume shows us how much of the stock is traded versus held for more than a day. It’s not very useful to use this data to trade per se.
But what is useful is if the delivery percentage JUMPS. If a stock is thinly delivered (say 30% delivery) and jumps up to 80% delivery then we are likely to be seeing some action in that stock because either a big buyer is in or a big seller is.
Listed below, are the Top 25 for today (18th Dec 2015):

Delivery_18Dec divider Next Gen Financial Analytics


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