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Capsule – 16/12: Fortune Broking buys Onelife Cap Advisors, HDFC Mutual Fund sells while Reliance Mutual Fund buys TD Power Systems, KSJ Investment adds more of Sanco Industries!!


Here is the “Capsule” of the data that is revealed in the markets. This has been collated and curated to make tradeable sense.

Bulk & Block Deals

Here is a summary of Bulk & Block Deal transactions in this week. A Bulk Deal is a trade, where total quantity bought or sold is more than 0.5% of the number of equity shares of the company. A trade, with a minimum quantity of 5,00,000 shares or minimum value of Rs.5 crore executed through a single transaction on this separate window of the stock exchange will constitute a Block Deal. (Bulk/ Block Deals for 15-DecBulk/ Block Deals for 14-Dec)

Bulk_Block_Deals_16_December_2015, Fortune Broking,K S J Investment Company,Shart Chander Grover,Hdfc Equity Fund,Reliance Vision Fund,

Onelife Cap Advisors

Background: Onelife together is an investment group specialized in investing in companies offering high growth opportunities. It offers strategic advisory services to Corporates, HNIs, and Family Offices etc.

Stock Statistics:Onelife_Cap_Advisors_Stock_Statistics

Bulk Deal: Fortune Broking purchased 72,695 shares or 0.54% at an average market price of Rs. 63.55/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 46 lakhs.

The firm had earlier during this month sold 84,120 shares or 0.63% at an average market price of Rs. 68.18/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 57 lakhs.

Other Big Investors include Shriram Insight Share Brokers at 327,444 shares or 2.45%; Sumtinath Shares & Services at 182,103 shares or 1.36%.

News: None


Sanco Industriesthis company has appeared in the past 3 trading sessions

Bulk Deal: An unknown firm KSJ Investment Company purchased 48,000 shares at an average price of Rs. 44.70/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 21 lakhs. This is the third time the firm has purchased this stock this week.

Shart Chander Grover purchased 56,000 shares at an average price of Rs. 44.7/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 25 lakhs.

TD Power Systems

Background: TDPS is one of the leading manufacturers of AC Generators in the world with products in the output range of 1 MW to 200 MW for prime movers, such as steam turbines, gas turbines, hydro turbines, diesel engines, gas and wind turbines.

The Company’s wholly owned Subsidiary, DF Power Systems Private Limited, is in the business of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (“EPC”), executing Boiler-Turbine Generator (“BTG”) island projects and the balance of plant (“BOP”) portion for steam turbine power plants.

Stock Statistics:TD_Power_Systems_Stock_Statistics

Bulk Deal: HDFC Mutual Fund which held 983,118 shares or 2.96% via its 4 Mutual Fund schemes i.e. HDFC Capital Builder Fund at 100,000 shares or 0.30%; HDFC Infrastructure Fund at 355,118 shares or 1.07%; HDFC Prudence Fund at 428,000 shares or 1.29%; HDFC Monthly Income Plan at 100,000 shares or 0.30% (as of 30th November, 2015) sold 342,618 shares or 1.03% at an average market price of Rs. 276.19/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 946 lakhs.

With this sale, its stake is now reduced to 640500 shares or 1.93%.

Reliance Mutual Fund which held 442,422 shares or 1.33% via its 3 Mutual Fund schemes i.e. Reliance Equity Linked Saving Fund at 272,422 shares or 0.82%; Reliance Dual Advantage Fixed Tenure Fund II – Plan G at 100,000 shares or 0.30%; Reliance Dual Advantage Fixed Tenure Fund II – Plan H at 70,000 shares or 0.21% (as of 30th November, 2015) purchased 297,500 shares or 0.90% via its 4th Mutual Fund scheme i.e. Reliance Vision Fund.

With this purchase, its stake is now increased to 739,922 shares or 2.23%.

News: None


Delivery Volume Shockers!

We have compiled a list of those stocks which have seen massive increases in the “deliverable quantity to traded quantity %”.

Stocks are traded every day and most stocks see intraday trading (buy and sell on the same day). Intraday trades don’t result in delivery – if two people buy and sell from each other and square off within the day, there will be volume, but no actual shares will change hands.

Delivery volumes as a percentage of total volume shows us how much of the stock is traded versus held for more than a day. It’s not very useful to use this data to trade per se.

But what is useful is if the delivery percentage JUMPS. If a stock is thinly delivered (say 30% delivery) and jumps up to 80% delivery then we are likely to be seeing some action in that stock because either a big buyer is in or a big seller is.

Listed below, are the Top 25 for today (16th Dec 2015):




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