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Capsule – 06 Nov: Amansa buys into Eveready, Vijay Kedia buys Heritage Foods and More!


We are starting a new “Capsule” series which will come to you on a regular basis, of data that is revealed in the markets but needs to be collated, cleaned and filtered to make tradeable sense. We’d love your feedback.

Here is a summary of Bulk & Block Deal transactions in this week. A Bulk Deal is a trade, where total quantity bought or sold is more than 0.5% of the number of equity shares of the company. A trade, with a minimum quantity of 5,00,000 shares or minimum value of Rs.5 crore executed through a single transaction on this separate window of the stock exchange will constitute a Block Deal.

The snapshot below excludes the Intra Day Trade, Promoter Exchange and Deals which are not significant in terms of Stock price or Deal value.

Alpa, Porinju, Veliyath, Eveready, Heritage, Vijay Kedia, Amansa, Equity Intelligence, Big Whales, Polaris, Ponni Sugar

Alpa Laboratories:

Shilpa Porinju Veliyath (possibly related to Ace investor – Porinju Veliyath of Equity Wealth Intelligence) has purchased 1,10,000 shares or 0.52%.

The company is due to announce their Q2 results on the 9th of November.

Eveready Industries:

Amansa Holdings – one of the more famous FIIs, purchased 452,000 shares or +0.62%. Other marquee Investors currently holding Eveready include Ashish Kacholia 2.06%, Citigroup 2.37%, Goldman Sachs 4.97%, Nomura 2.85%.

Eveready has also been in the news lately, as the government is considering a proposal to levy anti-dumping duty on the import of dry batteries from China and Vietnam based on the complaint that cheap shipments from these countries are hitting domestic producers like Eveready Industries.

Other investments of Amansa Holdings include (>4%) – Mahindra Lifespace, Kirloskar Brothers, SRF, Entertainment Network, Triveni Turbine, SKS Microfinance, Gateway Distriparks, Rallis India.

The company is due to announce their Q2 results on the 13th of November.

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Heritage Foods:

Vijay Kishanlal Kedia of Kedia Securities, considered as one of the Big Whales, made a quick purchase of 117,000 shares or 0.50%.His other investments include Amrutanjan Health Care, Aries Agro, Repro India, Sudarshan Chemical Industries.

Another Big Whale – Dolly Khanna holds 234,476 shares or 1.01%.

The company is yet to finalize their date of disclosing the Q2 results.

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Nitco Limited:

NITCO is among the top premium tile companies in India. The Company manufactures a vast portfolio of tiles (floor and wall), marble, mosaic and metal craft. The company is due to announce their Quarterly results later today.

Ashok Vishwanath Hiremath is Chairman & Managing Director at Astec LifeSciences and a Managing Director at India TL Domain. He made a quick purchase of the partial stake sale i.e. 325,000 shares or 0.59% made by Sea Glimpse Pvt. Ltd.

Until this sale Sea Glimpse Investment held 1,740,042 shares or 3.18%. Their holding now comes down to 1,415,042 shares or 2.59%. The firm sold its stake of 309,308 shares or 2.21% in McDowell Holdings during Q1-2016.

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Polaris Consulting & Services

Rajasthan Global Securities purchased 538,867 shares or 0.54%. With this purchase Rajasthan Global Securities joins Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who owns 5,000,000 or 5%. The firm generally holds the shares for a shorter period before making a quick offload. The firm has performed this with Astec LifeSciences, IIFL Holdings and Goldstone Infratech.

The company has been in news as Arun Jain and a few other shareholders of Polaris Consulting and Services Ltd (PCSL) have entered into a share purchase agreement by which they will sell the 53% stake they hold in the company to Massachusetts-based Virtusa Corporation for a consideration of Rs 1,173 crore. Arun Jain held 4.31% as per the September, 2015 disclosure.

The net profit declined 3.6% to Rs 47.34 crore for the September 2015 quarter against a net profit of Rs 49.15 crore in the year-ago period.

Ponni Sugars

Vijay Khetan (Chetan) his entire stake of 143,108 shares or 1.66%.

The company is due to announce their Quarterly results later today.

Other notable investors in Ponni Sugars include Bharat Jayantilal Patel – a Big Whale holding 1.06% or 93,475 shares.

Renowned buyers such as Atithi Dealers (Directors: Ritesh Dalmia and Vivek Dalmia) and Yashwi Financial Services (Directors: Ritesh Dalmia and Pramod Kumar Dalmia) managed to stake up 100,550 shares or 1.17%. Both the firms have one common Director i.e. Ritesh Dalmia and are based out of the same office premises in Kolkata.

The final buyer of the stake was Vijay Khetan (Chetan) stake was Jenuine Advisory (Directors: Vinod Kumar Singh and Krishna Kumar Mishra). Though no direct connection could be made with the other investors, they too happen to be based out of Kolkata.

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Delivery Volume Shockers!

We have compiled a list of those stocks which have seen massive increases in the “deliverable quantity to traded quantity %”.

Stocks are traded every day and most stocks see intraday trading (buy and sell on the same day). Intraday trades don’t result in delivery – if a two people buy and sell from each other and square off within the day, there will be volume, but no actual shares will change hands.

Delivery volumes as a percentage of total volume shows us how much of the stock is traded versus held for more than a day. It’s not very useful to use this data to trade per se.

But what is useful is if the delivery percentage JUMPS. If a stock is thinly delivered (say 30% delivery) and jumps up to 80% delivery then we are likely to be seeing some action in that stock because either a big buyer is in or a big seller is.

Listed below, are the Top 25 for today (6th Nov 2015):

Kewal, Oracle Fin, Manpasand, Honeywell, Triveni

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