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Invest in US stocks via NSE, EPFO concerns, What drives financial news & More


🔆 US stocks coming to Indian exchanges

Investing in US stocks has caught the fancy of Indian investors in the last few years thanks to the rally in tech stocks, increased accessibility, and a lot of buzz on social media. Now, it’s getting easier to directly invest in US stocks.

In this week’s newsletter, we have

  • International Investing: Indians can now invest in US stocks through NSE IFSC
  • Financial News: What drives the financial news you read?
  • Doubtful Debt: Things are not adding up at the EPFOs
  • Psychology: The worst thing you can do when there is fear on the street
  • Decision data: When do you know that a certain strategy has stopped working?
  • Pop Poll: According to you, what’s the TOP reason to invest in US stocks for the next 10 years?

International stocks are coming home 🌍

Investing in Tesla, Apple, or Amazon shares is no longer reserved for the big Indian fund houses and HNIs. It’s getting more approachable for the masses via the GIFT IFSC city route. It still won’t be as simple as buying Indian stocks and there will be initial challenges as well. But, it seems to be much better than the options we have currently.

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May I have your attention, please! 🚨

A team from Arizona State University surveyed 462 financial journalists in the United States about their practices of covering a company.

The top three reasons why financial journalists cover a company came out as 1) Company is controversial 2) Company is large 3) Company products are popular – not quite what you would expect though. This is largely due to the “attention economy” we are living in.

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India’s own “too big to fail” 🏛

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is the de-facto retirement nest eggs for most salaried Indians. EPF is the best long-term debt investment instrument net of taxes.

EPFO – the trust managing these funds holds close to 15 lac crores and declares interest payments each year. A look at the numbers shows that their investments are not yielding as much as they are paying out. If it were a private organization we would call it a Ponzi scheme. Since its a government organization, we’ll call it a “concern”

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Of Greed and Fear 📈 📉

There’s war in Europe. Millions are getting displaced from their homes. Markets are spooked. Add to that inflation worries, geopolitical instability, growth stocks losing liquidity, and overall fear on the street.

Obviously, your portfolio is down too. It’s now that you think that all your decisions have been wrong and its the time to re-think all your investing decisions. Maybe not.

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How do you know if it’s over? 🚫

Finding a strategy is simpler but determining how long to continue with it – when it stays in drawdown for long – is difficult. It’s a question that often bugs systematic traders. Here’s an article that tries to answer this question with statistics and data.

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Pop Poll 📝

According to you, what’s the TOP reason to invest in US stocks for the next 10 years? 

  1. US Tech stocks (FAANG) offer huge growth
  2. Diversification to global markets
  3. Hedge against (or Profit from) depreciating rupee
  4. Innovation Led Businesses
  5. Won’t invest in US stocks

Click here to answer anonymously

Last week’s poll results

Big Insight – Steady hands at play here – didn’t sell (or short-sell) the dip and are standing by their decision. Even the ones who didn’t do anything are not regretting.

Invest in US stocks via NSE, EPFO concerns, What drives financial news & More

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Invest in US stocks via NSE, EPFO concerns, What drives financial news & More
Invest in US stocks via NSE, EPFO concerns, What drives financial news & More

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